Michael Dolinger

Creative Director  / Identity Specialist  / Photographer / Designer 

Mike has 20+ plus years helping corporate clients as a well as ministries and non-profits. His role as an identity specialist and branding steward has served more than 200 clients. He has worked in Birmingham Al, New York City and Atlanta GA.

He has a love for photography and all things beautiful. He loves to play tennis and ping pong if no court is available.

He loves to travel with his wife, Sheila and their two children, Mia and Maxwell. 

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Sheila Dolinger

Copywriter / Storyteller / Content Development 

Sheila has a life-long love affair with words, most likely fueled by her early fascination with binge-reading The Hobbit in 48 straight hours at the tender age of 10. With 20 years of experience as a brand journalist and chief storyteller, she has created award-winning  campaigns and content for a variety of nonprofits and corporations, including the National Christian Foundation for the past decade. 

With a background in writing, video production, and fundraising, Sheila loves helping brands find their voice and write a better story. Her career began in broadcasting at CNN, and continued in fundraising development at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the American Cancer Society before teaming up with her husband to launch truth in advertising in 1997. 

When she’s not busy embarrassing her teenage children on social media, she helps underserved youth express themselves through creative writing at the Wren’s Nest Scribes Program.

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instagram: @sheiladolinger  

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